Toward a society with accordance between people, as well as mankind and earth.


Toward a society with accordance between people,
as well as mankind and earth.

There is a term called “resource curse”. The term “resource curse” derides the reality that countries with abundant natural resources generally have slower economic growth, are more undemocratic and underdeveloped than other countries. Why is the supply of energy and resources, which are essential for the maintenance of modern civilization, dependent on poor working conditions and often resulting in environmental destruction? What is a fair resource price? How can the optimal global distribution of wealth be achieved? Can we reach a global consensus to deal with climate change? We will explore the nature of the various problems modern society is facing.

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  • Research

    Sustainable Global Energy Systems

    To realize a global sustainable energy system, the research themes cover the transition course of energy conversion, future trends in energy supply and demand structures, independent and decentralized energy systems, and storage and long-distance transportation of renewable energy via hydrogen.

  • Research

    Real Option Analysis and Project Evaluation

    We apply financial option theory to evaluate the value of strategic options that cannot be evaluated by standard DCF-ROR. In addition, as an application, we address rainbow options that target multiple correlated underlying assets and compound options for multi-stage investments.

  • Research

    Financial Innovation with Blockchain

    Our research related to blockchain includes price trend analysis of NFTs and how to control the initial volatility of crypto asset prices on exchanges, as well as supporting entrepreneurial ventures that use this technology as their core competency.

  • Research

    Energy and Resource Economic Systems

    By assessing the impact of energy and resource price fluctuations on the economy, we consider the economic effects of oil and mineral resource stockpiling as well as optimal stockpiling strategies. We also examine long-term scenarios and demand forecasting models that take into account the properties of energy and resources.