Annual Timetable

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2021 - 2022 Yearly Schedule


B4 M1 M2 一般
4月 Project Exercise Guidance(Spring Entrants) Entrance Ceremony for
Graduate School / Seminar
5月 Project Exercise May Festival / Seminar
6月 Master’s Thesis Midterm Report Seminar
7月 Graduate School
Entrance Examination
Summer Intensive Lecture Summer Intensive Lecture Seminar
8月 Master’s Thesis Presentation
(Fall Entrants)
Summer Vacation
9月 Graduation Ceremony
(Fall Entrants)
10月 Guidance(Fall entrants) Entrance Ceremony for
Graduate School(Fall Entrants)/
Beginning of Fall Semester
11月 Seminar
12月 Year-end Party / Seminar
1月 Intensive Lecture:
Financial Innovation
through FinTech
Master’s Thesis Submission and
Presentation / Intensive Lecture:
Financial Innovation through FinTech
2月 Graduation
Thesis Presentation
3月 Graduation Ceremony Graduation Ceremony