Gento Mogi

It is believed that the improvement of economic welfare can be achieved by people maintaining a higher and stable level of consumption , but is this truly a happiness? Is there an indicator of happiness after all? Aside from that, there are a few things that are essential for people to live in modern civilization. Water and food are, of course, essential, but so too is a stable supply of energy and resources. At the same time, we need to think about measures to cope with climate change in order to maintain the diversity of life. Therefore, there is an urgent need to shift to a sustainable global energy system in order to build a circular society and sustainably supply a large amount of energy to support it. In addition, we need to consider the proper distribution of global wealth in order to correct the disparity represented by the North-South problem. Although there are numerous things that need to be addressed, all of them require a huge amount of capital investment. In our laboratory, we will also consider the establishment of a system that allows the necessary money to flow to socially important activities.

  • Project Researcher

    Kyohei Shibano

  • Project Researcher

    Kensuke Ito

  • Administrative Staff

    Keiko Uchida

  • Administrative Staff

    Chihiro Ishikawa

  • Administrative Staff

    Ayumi Kogure


  • Yusuke Mori


  • Husam Bukhary


  • Mairehaba Maimaitiming


  • Ken Yang


  • Ziyue Peng
  • Ziang Zhang


  • Rintaro Tomita
  • Ryo Mitsudo
  • Hui Su
  • Elizabeth Khaung Nyoi


  • Soma Hirose
  • Ryoma Nakatsubo
  • Zhende Wang